Razer edge Windows 8.1 Upgrade Instructions


Please follow the steps below to upgrade your Razer Edge from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1.

Step 1: Enter Bios mode by tapping at F1 or Del upon booting up system. In “Security” tab, ensure “Secure Boot Configuration” > “Secure Boot Option” is Enabled. “Save and Exit” Bios menu. Shutdown system completely.

Step 2: Perform Windows update and make sure to install KB2871389 – to enable system ‘see’ Windows 8.1 update link

Step 3: Before starting the upgrade please un-install the following applications and drivers and restart your Razer Edge when prompted to do so.

Nvidia Graphics Driver (Uninstall until you did not see NVidia in Program and Features ) Nvidia HD Audio Driver

Nvidia PhysX System Software

Dolby Home Theatre v4

Connexant HD Audio Driver

Restart and check that the uninstallation has been completed and the listed drivers have been uninstalled.

Step 4: Go to Store application and find the update for Windows 8.1. If Windows 8.1 update not shown in the store apps, please download Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant from Microsoft website – http://windows.microsoft.com/en-sg/windows-8/upgrade-assistant-download-online-faq


Step 5: Click the link and select download to start upgrading your OS to Windows 8.1.


Step 6: Microsoft Store will start downloading the OS, the speed of the upgrade will depend on your network connection.


Step 7: At this point Windows 8.1 is upgrading your Razer Edge & will restart several times during this process. This can take up to an hour for the upgrade to complete.

Step 8: Welcome back to Windows. Please go through the OS registration process again.


Step 9: Firmware Update

Welcome back to Windows. Please update the firmware – Razer_SensorHub_Patch_v1.00.00.exe to enable system functions to work on Windows 8.1. You can find the drivers at the hyperlinks below or also at www.razersupport.com/downloads.

Step 10: Driver Updates

Please download and install the updated Windows 8.1 Drivers. You can find the drivers at the hyperlinks below or also at www.razersupport.com/downloads.

Please install the drivers in the following order :

Intel Graphics Driver (Reinstall, to correct inverted screen)


Audio driver


Razer Display Switch (Razer_EdgeApps)

Now start Enjoying Windows 8.1.

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